Whether you had a baby a few weeks ago or a few decades ago, losing the extra weight you gained during pregnancy can be hard. And, we all know that gaining weight after giving birth is much easier than losing weight. Flavia Del Monte says that a woman’s body changes after she gives birth and what worked before may not work afterward. That’s why she created the Mommylicious Challenge, which starts on May 14th. It is supposed to help you reboot your metabolism and melt off the fat even in the most stubborn places. But, does she really know what she’s talking about and is her challenge really worth taking? This review will take a look at the pros and cons and what you need to know before buying.

What Is The Mommylicious Challenge?

This is a weight loss challenge for moms created by a mom. But, this mom isn’t your ordinary mom. She has experienced the results herself and helped thousands of women experience similar results of their own through her products and advice.

For the challenge, you get 13 things.

  1. One month of fat-burning meal plans: With this, you will know what to eat for fat loss. These meal plans have been optimized to help you experience maximum weight loss, but leave you feeling satisfied. They are supposed to be easy to prepare and full of ingredients that are accessible no matter where you shop.
  2. Juicing kick start guide: Learn juicing recipes that will help cleanse your liver, relieve muscle soreness, get your blood flowing, and burn fat. Flavia says that juicing can help you balance out your hormones and get much-needed nutrients into your body.
  3. Printable shopping lists: You don’t need to make any grocery lists for this diet because Flavia has done the work for you. Print them off and get exactly what you need each week for your 30-day diet challenge.
  4. 30-day success calendar: This calendar takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what to do each day, for all 30 days, for success.
  5. Guided meditation: Mindset is an important part of losing weight. The proper mindset helps your mind stay focused on what you need to do and your body stay relaxed and stress-free so that it can work optimally. This guided audio helps you relax and rejuvenate.
  6. Sunday ritual PDF: Every Sunday you will get a new PDF.
  7. Success tracker: Record your success over the 30 days to see what changes are happening to your body.
  8. Food exchange list: If you need to substitute certain ingredients, you can use this list to figure out exactly what you should substitute.
  9. Short, simple workouts: Each week you will 3 short, simple video workouts that help you boost your metabolism. These workouts also target problem areas.
  10. Guided yoga videos: These will help you stretch out your body and refresh your mind.
  11. Printable workout sheets: These printables will help you ensure you are doing the exercises properly as you work along with the exercise videos.
  12. Daily coaching: In the private Facebook group, you will get daily coaching from Flavia.
  13. Support: In the private Facebook group, you will also get support from other people going through the 30-day challenge.

Note: the challenge is starting soon (or may have already started). Click here to visit her official website to see if there’s still time to join.

How Does It Work?

The challenge helps you repair and reboot your metabolism in a healthy way. She says that to repair your broken metabolism, you need to stop dieting, stop doing cardio, and eat more – including fat that has gotten such a bad rap over the years.

There’s no calorie counting, starving yourself, or extreme workouts. Instead, you get a handle on your hormones and metabolism through Flavia’s way of eating and exercising.

Flavia says that a healthy metabolism lets you eat all kinds of food without storing fat. The calories are burned up instead. When you can fix your metabolism, you can stop fighting with food and start eating food you love without guilt.

About Flavia

Flavia has helped thousands of women take control of their bodies through her ‘-licious’ programs such as musclicious and curvalicious. She is a mother of two so she understands where moms are coming from and how they can get to where they want to be. She focuses on helping women get a fit and lean figure through diet and exercise. You can find her on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram for workout and diet inspiration.

The Positives Reviews

  • The diet challenge was created specifically for moms who want to lose weight.
  • All information on what to do has been provided for you, so you don’t need to make any decisions or guesses.
  • Permanent long-term weight loss is promised.
  • No willpower is needed according to Flavia.
  • Flavia says no calorie counting or long, boring workouts are included in this 30-day challenge.
  • Will work for any mom, regardless of weight to lose, past experiences with weight loss, or age.
  • Only requires a few minutes to spare each day for this challenge.
  • You can repeat the challenge if you want to.
  • Workouts are 10 minutes or less with no equipment.
  • No supplements are needed to have success on this diet.
  • Lifetime access to everything included.

The Negative Reviews

  • If you are married, you may need to eat differently than your partner during this diet challenge, unless they are willing to join you.
  • Your kids may not want to join you in this challenge so you will still need to buy them groceries they like.
  • You do need to work out, even if it’s only for a few minutes a day.

Where To Buy & Guarantee

The challenge starts on May 14th and Flavia is offering access to this challenge on her site under her Mommylicious Challenge page. As of this review, the price is $47 USD.

This is a 30-day challenge with a 60-day money back guarantee. That means you can try out the challenge, and if you don’t experience the results promised, you can ask for a full refund. In fact, you can ask for a refund for any reason, so this makes it a very attractive diet challenge to take on.

Should You Try This Diet Challenge?

It’s important to note that there are a lot of restrictive and unhealthy diets out there that mothers are using to try to lose weight. They either don’t work for the long run or cause an unhealthy state of mind where diet, weight loss, stress, and unhappiness become intermingled. That unhealthy lifestyle sets a bad example for children, so it’s important to get off the hamster wheel.

Flavia Del Monte is one of the most respected online diet creators around. She has proven herself time and time again to create diets that work for women (including herself). So, because this diet is made for moms, it’s fair to say that this will work for all moms out there, just like Flavia says.

Her promise that you will see a different person in the mirror when you are done the challenge is one that should entice any mother struggling to lose the weight should love. Add in that she says you will have more energy, feel better about yourself, and feel like a woman who works out and eats right, and you have a challenge that sounds very worthwhile.

Click here to visit Flavia’s official website to learn more.